Why You Should Leave NYC And Go To Manlius

People say that New York City is the greatest place in the world. However, many people would beg to differ. Many people see New York City as a dirty, crowded place that is overly expensive. This is, in fact, very true—no matter how positively you see the city. Competition is fierce in the city, and the richest are the ones who able to survive and afford a standard quality of life that is inexpensive everywhere else. People who are not wealthy end up cramped in small apartments, many times with numerous other people. There are a lot of people who throw away their integrity and dignity by marrying a person or hanging out with a specific group—all in the name of finding a home in and/or around the city.

Some people love the mish mosh of different types of people. However, many people do not like such a thing. You aren’t going to hear a lot of people voice such an opinion aloud because a lot of people do not want to be called bigoted or racist. However, a lot of people are bothered by the fact that the area is heavily mixed with all kinds of people of different backgrounds who are forced to live within close proximity to each other. If you do not like this, then the New York metropolitan area is not the place for you.

The air quality is frequently below par in the New York metropolitan area. In Upstate neighborhoods like Manlius, you can bet that you are going to be breathing in fresh air. In Brooklyn, the air will feel murky to breath in, all of sudden, and you cannot escape it. Also, all throughout the New York metropolitan area, the light pollution is horrendous. You cannot see the stars in or around the Five Boroughs, and this is true many miles out on Long Island.

For the fresh air and low levels of light pollution, Manlius is a top-notch place to live. It is located close to Oneida Lake. The neighborhood has a state park in it, called Green Lake State Park. You should try to find a real estate agent Manlius NY if you want to live in a neighborhood with a state Park. It is not that large.

Also, what irks a lot of people about the New York metropolitan area is the hustle and bustle. Many people would like a slower paced life, and constantly feel stressed by the rat race. A lot of people feel like they don’t really need the surplus of stuff that New York has to offer. Many people feel that, at the end of the day, having vegan pizza, alcohol, and Spanish food on the same block isn’t worth sleeping in a small apartment with ten other roommates and having a relatively low-paying job forever. When you add on the factors of light pollution, air pollution, crime, the fact that you have to be around different types of people and high home prices, it become evident to many people that it’s time to leave.